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​What's all this about?

To really help your eCommerce business grow, the entire program would be dictated based on your size, location, and your goals. Whether you are looking for someone to guide you through the online sales process, analyze your data to help understand possible gaps, or take the reigns and run your program, I can help.

​​How Do We Start Working Together?

Step 1 - Get Analytics Access

After you reach out and contact, I will ask for a few pieces of information. I'll need access to your website analytics (Google Analytics, Piwik, etc.), your AdWords account, and your Google Search Console account.

If you don't have all of these active, then I'll help you set them  up. 

These three data sets can tell the most about where a website is currently at, and help identify where it should be going.

​Step 2 - Audit the Data ​

​Once I have the information I need, I'll dig into the data to get an idea where the site is currently at. At this stage I pull out a handful of key pieces of information and bring that to our next discussion.

If the next talk is phone / Skype, then​ we will discuss via screen-share. 

​Step ​3 - ​Discuss Growth ​

If you feel confident in the analysis and the tips that I provide on the call, then we can move into the next stage: discuss how your website can grow.

We will review what strategies I believe could benefit your business, and walk through how we could achieve your goals

​Step ​​4 - ​​Proposal & Strategy​

​Full disclosure for this stage... I work with Z Brand as their Director of Operations and the lead for their digital marketing program execution. That means a couple of things:

  • I'm not a one man shop
  • ​You will have an entire team behind you to reach your goals
  • ​We have both full digital marketing and creative capabilities
  • You not only work with me, you will have a dedicated project manager. If you need anything, there is a team to help.

If you're happy with what I've presented and you want a full team to help grow your business, then I will put together a proposal, strategy outline, and a 6 or 12 month roadmap to show what I think can help your eCommerce business. 

Everything is tied to your individual business goals and your company objectives​. ​

​​One-Time eCommerce ​​Services

​Technical SEO Audit

​This audit covers a wide range of technical SEO problems that your site could be experiencing.

I'll review:

Indexing issues

Mobile optimization

Page level problems

​High level backlink analysis

Google penalty check

​Link errors

​Content improvements

All of this will be packaged up in a full report in the form of a Google doc or PDF for you to review​.

I'm more than happy to share examples of past work, so you can get an idea of the layout. However, this will only be done during an in-person review or screen share because I want to protect the uniqueness of my work.

Starts around $2,500 per audit

​Analytics Audit

​You can't optimize what you can't track. This is one of the most important tools for any business - not just eCommerce.

A full sweep of your Google Analytics account will uncover opportunities for better tracking, which will be outlined and presented. It's up to you whether you'd like to make the recommended changes yourself or hand those over to me to update for you.

​$500 per audit. Fixes will be quoted as issues are found.

​Marketing Tool Setup

​There are so many marketing tools out there, which ones do you choose? 

I'll set up the core tools to help you understand your online business better than you ever have in the past.

Google Analytics​

Google Tag Manager


​Bing Webmaster Tools

Hubspot (free)

Google Search Console

$900 - Other tools could be configured as well for this price. We'll just need to discuss to make sure I'm comfortable enough / have used it in the past.

​Ongoing eCommerce Services

​Full Digital Marketing Campaign

​​A full digital marketing strategy could include everything from search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click marketing (PPC), paid social (SMM) like Facebook ads, email marketing, and conversion rate optimization (CRO).

You will have a full 12 month roadmap which will cover every strategy that we discuss in depth, then execute.

There is no one-sized fits all plan. Every business has unique objectives and goals, so this plan will be built for you.

Price varies by project - You get a custom solution, so we'll need to talk through it.

​​SEO ​​+ Paid Advertising

​If you  just want a piece of the overall puzzle,  this could be your starting point. We will work together to create  a solid SEO strategy that includes on-site optimizations/technical updates, and a content marketing plan. 

This also includes ​Google Ads and Facebook ads. Why bundle these together? Because SEO takes time to work, and you want to see sales today. SEO alone may not be able to do that, so we would need a plan to drive immediate qualified traffic to the buy products from your site.

You don't want to wait months for sales and neither do I. ​ 

Price varies by project - You get a custom solution, so we'll need to talk through it.

​​Landing Page & Conversion Rate Optimization

​​This is for the websites that have a ton of traffic, but are struggling to hit sales goals. 

Sending more paid ads or revamping the current SEO strategy may not be in your best interest. If you're already driving a ton of traffic to your site but not seeing sales, then let's address the real issue: Your Conversion Rate.

Let's attack the issue by running A/B tests against key elements on top traffic pages, and get those website visitors through the checkout process.

Price varies by project - You get a custom solution, so we'll need to talk through it.

​​eCommerce Consulting

​Conversion Consulting

​For an eCommerce site, the sale is everything to the business. Your website is your brochure, informational tool, sales team, and cashier... all in one! Let's make sure all the pieces are working together and in rhythm.

I'll work with your in-house eCommerce team on the following:

User Insight: Visitor research & session recordings

Data Analysis: Google Analytics & structure insight

Testing: Managed A/B or multivariate testing

Remove Roadblocks: Review your customer journey

Ease of Use Review: Layout and navigation for desktop and mobile devices

Context & Connection: Conversion focused copywriting

Landing Page Optimization: Improving landing page conversion rates

Product Clarity: Revised product descriptions and imagery

Bring Them Back: Reduce basket abandonment and enable remarketing strategies.

​eCommerce Marketing Tools

​If you're like me, you've tried a dozen tools that do basically the same thing. Why?

Because there are so many options out there! How do you know which one you should be using?

With every new tool, there is a startup and learning period that takes valuable time away from actually improving your site. Let's cut that down to a minimum.

Let's work together to identify where your business needs help, and prioritize the marketing technology stack to fix the highest need.

We can work together to document a standard process for your marketing team, and then implement the tools.

You need a solid process to make your eCommerce business run smoothly. It's not just about the tools - it's about the consistent process.

​Get Coffee and Chat

​This one isn't really a "consulting service" per say... It's more about us sitting down and just discussing what's going on with your business. 

Is there a charge for this? Hell no.

If you're struggling with something and need a hand, I'll do my best to make time in my schedule to talk to you about it.

​As a business owner, I know you have a lot on your mind. If you want to talk about issues with your online store, learn what other companies have done in the past, and get a few ideas to test out then this could help.

This is a one-time offer​, since my schedule is busy. After our conversation, if you feel like you've gotten value then we can set up something on an ongoing basis.

I live in Pittsburgh, so if you don't then we may need to talk via Skype with a home brewed coffee.

Who Am I?

​I help companies grow their businesses through online channels. I have worked as an online marketer for a Fortune 500 sporting goods retailer, and as an agency consultant helping hundreds of businesses over my career.

Let's work together to grow your business!​

Eric Rohrback

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