SEO Audit Service

What is a SEO Audit?

SEO Audit Definition:
A SEO Audit is a thorough evaluation of your site’s technical performance looking at both onsite and offsite factors. A well-rounded analysis will include everything from analytics setup and implementation, site architecture, and even a high level check of backlinks to your site.

So what will you do?

First and foremost we will talk about your business goals, because if we’re not talking about business goals then the rest of the process is misdirected. Once we understand what you’d like to accomplish with your website (and your business), we’ll dive into the SEO audit. The reason we talk about goals first is because I need to make sure you have proper tracking in place, and the understanding how to reach your goals. That’s the very first part of the audit.

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Elements of A SEO Audit

Setup Check

In this step I will check whether an analytics software (Google Analytics, Piwik, Omniture, etc), Google Search Console, and Bing Webmaster Tools are currently installed/verified on the site. I will also review the public WHOIS information for the site and provide recommendations.


I’ll find the answers to important questions like:

  1. can Google crawl all important pages?
  2. Are there crawl errors reported in Search Console?
  3. How are web pages appearing in Google SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)?


This section of the audit reviews elements like URL structure, iframe usage, page speed, and page errors.


Proper site architecture is critical in helping Google (and other search engines) understand how to navigate pages, and ultimately what your site is about. This section reviews page depth, key pages, and important navigation issues.

On Page Elements

The on-page section reviews meta elements (title and description tags), image optimization, page CTAs (call to actions), and page content optimization.

Website Design

I’ll provide conversion-rate-optimization-focused recommendations on site layout, page size, and user experience.

Semantic Markup

This step checks whether the site uses any type of semantic markup, and provides recommendations how to improve any existing code.

Website Content

This is a more extensive content check where I will look for issues with duplicate content, pagination problems, canonical issues (and other technical problems), the existence of a blog, review content strategy, and I will provide recommendations how to improve.

Inbound Links

This is a very high level review of links pointing to the website. If there are problems detected, then a more extensive link audit will be recommended.

Keyword Targeting

I will review high importance keywords to see if they make sense to target (are they informational or transactional terms?), and I will review what the site is currently ranking for. This will show whether the site’s current keyword targeting correctly set up or if changes need to be made.

Google Analytics Setup

This step will only be performed on sites using Google Analytics
I will review your Google Analytics account to check for proper admin setup and cross-property linking (Google AdWords, Search Console, YouTube)

Mobile Optimization

How does the site appear on mobile devices? Is a separate mobile site needed? Are any resources (JavaScript, CSS, etc.) blocked from Googlebot? I will review whether your site is mobile optimized and provide recommendations how to fix.

PPC - High Level

I will review a current AdWords campaign to look for setup opportunities. If a comprehensive audit is needed, that would need to be worked on as a separate project.

Video Optimization

I will review how the company is currently using video on the website and in the current marketing mix. I’ll look for opportunities for custom content and video channel optimization (YouTube channel optimization)

Social Optimization

This step reviews how the company is currently using social media. I will look at the current strategy, and provide recommendations how to utilize social media differently in your marketing mix.

Online Branding

I look at your current online branding efforts to review whether users know your business name, or whether more reputation work could help.

Business Strategy

In this step I review your local marketing strategy (local SEO work) and review your current industry visibility to show how you stack up against your competition.

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