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Start Driving Sales from Organic Traffic

If your SEO progress is stagnant, then it's time to make some changes. Drive new customers from the Pittsburgh area through Search Engine Optimization.

“The reason it seems that price is all your customers care about is that you  haven't given them anything else to care about. - Seth Godin

What do your customers care about?

SEO is So Much More Than Rankings

A website that answers the searcher's intent is the key to driving sales from organic traffic. You can optimize a site to rank, but you need to provide a clear answer to a searcher's question to actually create sales from that search.

It's About The Searcher

Your website needs to solve a key problem that your customer has. Otherwise, what is the point of someone visiting?

What we need to dig into is how your site can be better focused to answer key questions that searchers have, display the information in a clear format, and make sure the site is technically structured so both bots and humans can find the answers.

“Don't think of your website as just a site. Think of it as a customer service employee. How do it engage with customers? How can it help solve their problems?”

Report the Issues & Fix Them

How could you see more traffic from Google? What are the issues holding the site back? What are the fixes?

Get the answers today!

Find the Right Path

Refine your website marketing strategy by finding what content people are asking for.

Finally See a Return

Online marketing isn't voodoo. You need to be measuring everything to understand performance. Get set up to track a real ROI from your traffic.

The long game vs the Short game

SEO is the Long Game. PPC is the Short Game

When we talk about Search Engine Optimization, what we're talking about is the long game. It usually takes months to see how a particular campaign / strategy has played out, so we treat SEO as the marathon of digital marketing

Other forms of digital marketing like pay per click (PPC) are the short game, which can help show valuable returns quickly. Using Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in combination with SEO can allow us to see exactly how people are really searching for your product/service. Combining these two tactics into a marketing plan can yield results quicker than SEO alone.    

Increased Search Engine Traffic

Increase your search engine traffic each month.

Qualified Leads

Attract more qualified leads to your website.

Generate More Revenue

Improve your revenue by leveraging this important channel.


What Others Have Said

Wonderful to work with, and really gave us some good insights. It was so nice to work with someone who has such a passion for the this kind of work.


eCommerce Marketing Manager

How Is Your Organic Traffic Performance?

If you are not getting traffic to your site from the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo), and if you're wondering how to drive more leads then it's time we talk. 

Your site should evolve as your business does

Take the right steps to help it.

  • Let's review your website analytics to understand how people engage with your business online.
  • Understand your ideal customer to help tailor the content to them.

Stop Guessing. Start Earning

The data tells the real story...

Don't be fooled by companies who promise keyword rankings. Can your prove that keyword you're tracking generated a sale? On a daily basis, 15% of queries are ones that Google has never seen before. How do you know the keywords you're tracking are the right ones?

Let's use real data to understand site performance. Stop guessing at keywords, and optimize the site to answer the core questions customers have.

Time to Get to Work

If you've read this far, then it might be time to get working on your business.


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