Digital Marketing for Small Businesses is Changing.

Don't lose customers to your competition, because you can't be found online.

  • Conduct Proper Keyword Research
  • Create a solid website foundation through onsite optimization
  • Ensure your business has a strong social media presence to engage with customers
  • Land authority placements in both local and industry-related publications for greater brand recognition
  • Develop helpful content for potential and current customers to help answer common questions related to your business
  • Make sure your business has a custom strategy to reach potential customers
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Land More Customers with a Customized Internet Marketing Plan for Your Business

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How to Market Your Business Online


Conduct Market Research

The project starts with persona development. Then keyword research is done to understand how your target customer searches online. Next, competitive analysis and reasearch is completed to learn how your business compares to businesses in your industry.


Develop a Marketing Plan

Based on the details learned in the market research phase, a plan is established. Every internet marketing plan needs to include four main components at minimum:

  • On-Page Website Optimization
  • Content Development & Outreach
  • Social Media Optimization & Engagement
  • Local directory claiming/optimization

Execute & Promote the Business Online

The last step is to put the digital marketing plan into action. Start with an onsite audit to correct issues which would hold the project back. Next move into content development to build up strong resources for the website. Finally execute the outreach portion of the marketing strategy through email and social media efforts. 

Local Internet Marketing in 2016

Internet marketing has changed for the small business owner over the last 10 years. Google search result pages are changing to favor more ads than organic (free-inclusion) listings, Google Maps have become a more important part of the strategy, and competition has become more fierce. Most local customers want to find a business close to home, and work with someone they can trust. A local business internet marketing strategy needs to be unique, and resonate well with potential customers in the area. 

When you begin marketing your business without a strong digital marketing strategy in place, it's like trying to run a marathon without training. As an internet marketing consultant, my job is to make sure your business is in top shape to compete in the marketplace. I will help you understand your customers, build a customized digital marketing plan, and help execute the project. 

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Track Progress & Improve Over Time

Take Back the Most Valuable Resource You Have!

Internet marketing can be a very time consuming, and difficult project to take on. It's even tougher when you need to factor in other tasks like managing your entire business and employees. How can you put in the time you need, when you have so many other tasks pulling at the most valuable resource you have; YOUR TIME!

Focus on what you're best at (managing your business & helping customers), and let me take on the task of building up your brand online.