Use E-Commerce to Boost Your Restaurant Sales

Make ordering from your restaurant convenient, simple, and easy.
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Why is E-Commerce Important?

In the age of mobile devices, your restaurant needs to be not only visually responsive but technically responsive. 

As restaurant to consumer delivery increases year over year (20%+ since 2016), and platform to consumer delivery increases by 3-5% each year, there is a true demand for convenience ordering. If your restaurant does not have the ability to order online, those potential customers could purchase from your competition instead. 

How is the market changing?

Customer behavior has changed. People want food faster, they want to order and eat at home (or work), and they don't want to sacrifice time in their day to travel or wait in a restaurant. 

When people do want to enjoy the atmosphere and company in your establishment, they want to make sure they can get a seat quickly. They're doing this online, and before they ever step foot in the restaurant. 

If you can't create an easy way to order online through your main website, then you should be partnering with an ordering platform like these companies have built.

nowait app - ecommerce for restaurants
opentable restaurants
uber eats restaurant marketing

Website Basics

People are searching on their phones to find food near them, so your website needs to show up on the first page. You need to cover the basics to even have a chance at appearing in a Google Search.

Google my business logo

Claim & Optimize Your Google My Business Page & all major local directories

reach customers no matter what device

Your site needs to be responsive on all devices - especially mobile

Your website needs to load quickly (under 3 seconds is ideal)

Google Ranking Search Engine Optimization

Your website needs to be optimized to rank well in Google. 

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My Mission

My goal is to help small business owners succeed in the competitive online marketing landscape. By using my years of experience in online marketing, I want to bring more customers through the door for every business I work with.