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Only 7 Spots in Google Organic Results?

Different Google organic results for Brand vs General search

I’m seeing an interesting trend this morning that has to do with brand vs non-brand search results in Google. My original test was during keyword research as I was trying to find search results related to “DexKnows White Pages” (trying to work on a related blog post), and I noticed there were only 7 results. I started to wonder what this would mean for other SEO services trying to get their client to rank on the first page. This was in a non-personalized search, and was pretty consistent (7-8 results) for most branded searches I tested after seeing this.

google organic results - dex knows branded

So what about non-branded?

I’m seeing pretty normal results for non-branded results in Google SERPs – typical 10 results on a page. I had ad-block enabled, but even when that is turned off I still see the same organic results (wanted to point out to note why there is a lack of ads on that page). Not sure if this is a permanent thing or if it’s a test. I”m going to keep an eye on this to see what happens. Non-branded doesn’t seem to be affected now, but who knows what will happen in the future. Google likes to change things without telling the general public, and we’re typically forced to react rather than prepare.

What does this mean?

Keep an eye out on branded searches, and more importantly the non-branded. If Google is quietly shrinking the SERPs, that will mean less fighting room for that desired first page result in Google’s organic results. That would force more businesses to buy ad space to compete, and if they’re targeting people who use Ad-Block (*cough*… like me), then they’re basically SOL to reach them. Right now I’m seeing more and more branded organic results shrinking, so it might be only a matter of time before the non-branded searches get impacted.

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