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negative seo attacks

Negative SEO: How to Overcome Ridiculous Attacks to Your Site

Are Negative SEO Services Destroying Your Business? What would you do if everything you worked for over a lifetime was destroyed in an instant? How would you feel if after all the blood, sweat and tears to build something great it was suddenly taken away? Could you imagine the fear of losing the ability to […]

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Local search ecosystem - united kingdom - moz

Local Citations: Can You Disavow Business Mentions?

The Local Search Forum is a great place to get involved in all kinds of discussions about local search strategies, and collaborating with some of the best in the business to try and solve real local SEO problems. One member brought up a great question whether you can (or should) disavow a bad citation. This […]

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Wikipedia search engine optimization

Wikipedia Tutorial: How to Correctly Use Wikipedia for SEO & Online Marketing

A Wikipedia tutorial for Seo If “content is king” and Google is becoming more focused on using facts to determine website authority and relevance, that means we all need to find accurate sources for our posts. If you bring this up in conversation you’ll see there are two camps for debate; those who approve of […]

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Google My Business Support - final prompt for email support

Reclaim Your Google Business Listing

Someone else claimed your google business listing and you don’t have the login… what happens now? It’s fairly common for business owners to have another agency claim and optimize their Google My Business listing. What happens when you leave that agency and they don’t provide the logins? The big question arises, “how can I get my Google Local […]

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Google My Business Summary - Editorial Description

Google My Business Help – Fixing A Google Business Summary

My Google Map Summary is Screwed up. Now what? If you’re like most small business owners (or consultants), you’ve gone out and claimed your Google My Business listing. Unfortunately more times than not, there are some hidden problems that always seem to arise just as you think the work is done and over with. One of those […]

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Not enough Money for SEMrush

How to Test search Engine Optimization on a Limited Budget – Keyword Selection

No cash for SEO… do you have some time? A core function of getting any webpage to rank is to do a little search engine optimization, which includes some time spent on-site and a good amount of time spent offsite. For anyone who is new to this concept let me break it down quick for […]

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