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Over the years I’ve become very interested in digital marketing and have dipped my toes into not only the marketing side, but also the web development side of the business. This industry can get pretty rough if you have no development chops, so I took some time to learn WordPress basics. Testing out new styles and adding in custom features to a theme is a big win for me, because I’m able to build something new for a client (or myself) that might not have been possible otherwise.

In the past I’ve worked in digital marketing agencies where I worked with hundreds of clients over the years, so I’ve seen digital marketing situations that many others in the industry may not have been exposed to. I believe these experiences have helped my ability to diagnose and solve major website issues, and find creative solutions to help the business’ site grow.

I’m currently a moderator to the Local Search Forum where I help out other local search consultants with issues, and get into some great discussions about strategy. Let me know if you have any questions or email me with your issues, and I’ll try to help solve it with you. Being a local search engine optimization consultant means I will help companies all over the country specifically with Local (Google My Business, directories, link strategy, onsite optimization, etc) issues. If you want to rank in your local market, I can help.

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I’ve had a lot of cool opportunities since I started in this industry as a search engine marketing professional. I’ve been given the opportunity to attend a handful of major marketing conferences in the past, which allowed me to meet a lot of great people and talk about advanced digital marketing concepts. I love to talk about marketing (in general), search engine marketing strategy, theories, etc… So you know that I will be working (officially and unofficially) all hours of the day.

I also still play soccer, and keep active. Sports is a passion of mine that I’ll never give up, and I feel is important to a healthy work-life balance. My work as a local search consultant is important to me, but everything I do outside of the job is just as critical.

Rochester NY at Night

Rochester, NY at night

pittsburgh, pa - steel city

Moving from Rochester to Pittsburgh was a big change at first, but I’ve really enjoyed the short time I’ve spent here. I see a lot of opportunity for this growing city, and hope I can be part of a team for local businesses in the area to grow with it.