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What are You Offering?

You want your business to stand out from the competition. You also want people to get as excited about your business as you are. The only problem is getting them to know you exist.

Since Google came into the world, most people have been conditioned to head straight there to find an answer to their question. If you're not buying ad space or ranking well for key searches, then it's almost like your business doesn't exist at all. 

What are you offering your potential customers to get them excited? How are you presenting this information on your website?

Let's work together to figure out your ideal strategy to grow your business. 

What Goes Into An Online Marketing Strategy?

An online marketing strategy has a few core components, but is not limited to:


Search Engine Optimization (SEO): This will help for that "free" space in the search results. I say "free" with quotes because that space isn't really free. You put money into many different types of resources to make that happen; design, content, website development, etc. This is how you build an online brand that sticks.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads: This can be separated into Search Engine Marketing (SEM) ads on Google AdWords or Bing Ads, or it could be Social Media Marketing (SMM) which are placed on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. These are only a few places you could see ads. They're being placed all over the internet with new spots popping up every day. 

Social Media Activity: You can't run a business today without being active on social media. People expect real brands to be engaging on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and others depending on your industry. This is how you can directly connect with customers and create fans that will spread the word that you are doing great things.

A Functional and Engaging Website: Notice that I didn't say "beautiful" website. Just because the website looks pretty, doesn't mean it works. The website needs to be both visually appealing and move people to the right places on the site to convert. This can be anything from getting them to sign up for a mailing list, buying a product, or contacting you for a quote. The site experience needs to help your potential customer get to where they need to go in a quick and simple way.

How Can I Help You?

I've worked with hundreds of companies over my career; all in various industries. I've implemented strategies that have worked great, and learned from those which fell short of expectations. 

If you want to get your business' marketing on the right track, then let's talk about where you're struggling and where you're excelling. To see my resume, click over to my LinkedIn profile. 

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